We Build Website & App For You

A website is very important for your business, no matter you are running as micro seller, physical company or a direct sales agent.

Something About Us

Website & mobile app is playing as important role as the branding of a company or online business. A proper website will bring a good reputation to your customers. Without paying high cost maintenance fee, you can own a website or even a mobile app (At the moment only available for Android).


We can help you to setup company website, email etc.

Webview App

Convert your website into mobile app is very easy & affordable now.

Web Invoicing System

Setup self hosted invoice system, fix annual charges.

Our Clients

<a href="https://ninjasaving.com/?target=blank">Ninjasaving.com</a>


Coupons & deals community

Ninjasaving.com is a coupons & deals community website that share the contents from their affiliate partners.

Foodtify App

Foodtify App

Food places, deals & deliveries directory

Foodtify.com is a online directory for foodies to discover nearby food places, deals & delivery services. Foodtify app is an extended service for the foodies to search everything regarding to food more easier.